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About Bitsy Bridal

Hi Brides,

It’s me, Pamela. I am the founder, owner and also manager of Bitsy Bridal. Bitsy is named after the first pet bird me and my husband have. You would see me at every bridal appointment in some sort of capacity.

Get to know me a little better because girlie, you are stuck with me until your wedding day.

Who am I?

My full name is crazy long and in Burmese. But I go by my middle name Pamela. I like complicated things and solve difficult problems aka I am built out for bridal, weddings and the drama that comes with it. I also have a sense of humor drier than Utah.

I moved to Utah from bay area in 2006. I chose the U for skiing and bouldering. With all people moving to Utah from all over the states these days, I call myself an early settler. My personal insta is @stuckinslc. Follow me and you will get a constant supply of memes in your story.


I graduated from the U with a degree in Physics with biology/medicine emphasis. I didn’t want to go to med school or grad school after graduation. So I decided to work instead. I like big data and solving problems in school perspective.


I met my husband Chris in 2010: he was my very first blind date ever in which the date I ditched. But he showed up to the U dorms regardless of me trying to cancel because according to him, “I already cleared my schedule anyway.”

We have two under two toddlers over the course of pandemic. The boy has my face and the dad’s personality and the girl has the dad’s face and my personality (God helps her with that one).

Work experience?

Prior to opening my own bridal shop, I worked in legal for a solar company and then as a Senior Factory Manager for a bridal designer where I learned ins and outs from designing the dress to actual production, trend predictions and supply chain management.

After getting married, I know bridal is in my calling. Science was my baby but bridal is my teenager. So I went and got a job as a senior FM and then opened my own bridal shop in 2016.

Check my linkedin here

What do you like to do outside of Bitsy Bridal?

I’d like to keep in touch with the science community. I also work in real estate once in every quarter or so for my family’s portfolio. I advise my family on rentals, buying, selling & property management.

Recently, I am into finance & investments and currently pursuing CFA designation. Why? Because my husband and I always starve for knowledge and learning. Basically, we are just a couple of nerds at the end of the day.

Favorite Things

My little family,

Anything outdoors – just like any other Utahn, how original,

Everything Prada,

Tetris – I am currently ranked at 96th percentile in the world,

Also recently back into powerlifting since the gym has a daycare – Currently leg press PR at 330lb, squat machine PR at 250lb

How I approach Bridal!

You are pretty much what you see is what you get with me. If you ask, I would start with origin of fabrics because you have opened my nerd can of worms.

I personally like to see the bride till the end of her bridal journey. As your bridal consultant, I am pretty chill chick with a side of humor because every bride needs a little breather at this stressful planning times.

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