Bitsy Bridal Utah Frequently Asked Questions

The Appointment

Bitsy Bridal is a full service Utah wedding boutique where each stylist attends to only one bride at a time. If you walk in during busy times, you'll probably have to wait until a dressing room and stylist become available. You can reserve a stylist and dressing room by scheduling an appointment online.

Bitsy Bridal has everything you need. You could bring your favorite heels or your favorite spanx, although it is not necessary.

Bring your most respected friends and family. A lot of guests tend to convince you to get a dress you don't want! (They just don't know you)

At Bitsy Bridal, we believe that "protecting the designer's integrity by not taking pictures" is just a ploy other shops use to sale. You can go to the designer's web page or the social media any time: Pictures are everywhere. Not being able to take pictures is just a SALES technique that other shops use to push the bride to purchase the dress. As a result, brides end up with overpriced and unwanted dresses because she has no idea what she looks like in the dress. We want our Bitsy Brides to be absolutely happy with their dress purchase. Wedding dress shopping is an emotional process. Bitsy Bridal does not take advantage of brides like that. Take as many pictures as you'd like and share them #bitsybridal when you're ready!

We are one stop bridal shop in Utah for all your bridal wear. From gowns, to accessories, to veils, we will be able to style you to your unique personality. Contact us to schedule some time with us.

Absolutely not: When you know, you know! Don’t we also stop dating after we find the one? Our line up is uniquely curated giving you a variety of rich selections. We work closely with both our domestic and international designers so that Bitsy Brides can find the one in no time.

We are speciality bridal boutique so please let the manager know right away. We'll get you a stylist that fits your personality and gets you the best dress for your beautiful day. Or, you can email us later at

We kindly ask that you leave the little kiddos at home. We are full of white dresses and delicate accessories, scissors, and pins from alterations. It is not a suitable place for kids. Children can also be very disruptive and distracting to other brides in the boutique. Parents are also responsible for anything children harm in the boutique. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

The Ordering and Prices

The entire Bitsy Bridal Collection ranges between $1500-$5500. We carefully select each unique gown in every price range. Our couture collection starts at $2500. Bitsy Bridal's couture designers are all exclusive to Utah and the surrounding states.

Bitsy Bridal has temperature, pest, and moisture controlled storage for you. We require 48 hour notice before pick up. Storage fees may apply depending upon length of stay.

Typically made-to-order wedding gowns take 12-14 weeks (3-6 months), but we have rush options as fast as 4 weeks and in-stock options available for those with tight schedules.

Not at all. Bitsy Bridal knows our Utah brides and made sure all of our designers can rush the gowns. We also have brand new in-stock options depending on the season. Rush fees may apply.

Absolutely. We work closely with designers to cater to any size, height, raising necklines, custom bust cups, adding corsets, down to even modifying buttons. Bitsy Bridal knows the Utah bride is unique and we chose designers who appreciate our style.

Bitsy Bridal will help you pick a date that works best. As soon as the gown arrives, we perform quality control checks. After that, we will give you a call to arrange your first fitting with a seamstress that is right for you.

We accept all major credit cards, cash, or personal checks. Personal checks need to be cleared first before the gown can be released and could take up to 2-3 business days.

We require 50% deposit to start the order. You may choose to pay the rest off monthly or all at once. The order must be paid in full before the gown is released. All payments are non-refundable.


Bitsy Bridal collaborates with only the most talented seamstresses that truly love working on anything, everything custom. They are insured throughout the process in order to avoid the old tale of "OMG, the seamstress ruined my dress."

No, alterations are not included in the gown purchase, our services are completely optional. Flat fee or all inclusive pricing is unfair to the other brides who just want, perhaps, a simple hem. Our alteration pricing is a la carte.

It really depends on the dress and you. We had a bride who purchased $2800 dress with total alteration cost of $60 just for bustles. We also had a bride who wanted to do custom build up with intricate bead work and cost ~$900. Our typical hems range from $95 to $320.

Initially, we schedule 4 fittings no matter what. If you only need 3 fittings, great. We will cancel the 4th one.

Every fitting is complimentary to our BitsyBride

As early as possible after you get the ship date from our operations team. We do get booked very fast from February to September. Once we are at capacity, we cannot squeeze you in. We still need to do a fine job on the gowns that are pre-booked.

Yes, we have list of designers who do custom work for the brides. Usually the custom gowns start at $2500.

We finish within 45 to 60 days from the wedding date or bridal pictures. We have done dresses as fast as 3 days but rush fees will apply.

Absolutely, but all measurements are final after 2nd fitting. We can help you schedule strategically. Our manager, Pam, is a certified fitness trainer. We know what body parts you can and can’t lose.

Maximum of 2 people. If you bring more, the rest will have to wait in the lobby. No exceptions! Many opinions are for the gown shopping experience and gets in the way for the fittings. Now that you have found THE gown, it’s our job to make you look the best. Just bring people who are supportive and think the best for you.

Heels. A lot of brides bring a few different heel heights and return the shoes that doesn’t work. Often times, we might be able to skip hemming just by changing heel height.

Undergarments - Anything you want to wear on your wedding day. Bitsy Bridal can also sew in Bra Cups of your size for backless dresses. Spanx or Bustiers can change the look of the dress significantly.

The Miscellaneous

Yes we can. Your gown will come from our bridal shop in Salt Lake City to any where in the USA and its territories and Canada only. We will professionally press and pack your gown(complimentary). Shipping costs may apply.

Yes, of course. Your gown will be safe and sound and even make friends with other gowns in the storage ;). Storage fees may apply. Please talk to your alteration point person to work out a timeline and pricing for you.

Trunk show is the special in-store event where the designers send us either the Best collection OR the latest season: hot out of the runway. Brides will be able to browse a larger selection for and catch up on the latest and greatest bridal trends. It can last 3-14 days. 10% off trunkshow discount will be applied during trunkshow period.

Bitsy Bridal loves to bring high fashion to Utah. So we do trunkshows often. Keep up to date with our latest events on social media and our website Bitsy Bridal Events.