Plus Size Wedding Dresses

Plus Size Wedding Dresses

Sample Sizes in store – Bridal Size 14 to Bridal Size 18

(Street Dress Size 12 to 16)

In measurements – Bust 39-44 , Waist 32-36, Hips 42-47

Price Range – $2200 – $2900

Designers – Vera Wang, Madi Lane, Justin Alexander, Ella Rosa by Kenneth Winston

Our plus size collection only ranges from Bridal Size 14 to Bridal Size 18 for in-store try ons. We apologize for not having size 20 and above ahead of time. We can order up until Bridal Size 28. We just don’t have size 20 and above in store to try on. They are all hand-selected by our owner/manager Pam. How this work is that Pam would go to market and watch the plus size models or try on dresses and she will only bring back the gowns that’s flattering on her body.

Funny story: Check out this photo. Pam was trying on this gown couple of years ago because the plus size model is not at the New York Bridal Market yet. When she came out of dressing room, buyers from bridal boutiques all across the country were snapping photos because plus size models in New York are rare and hard to come by. She was so uncomfortable and thus the face. She was only trying it on to bring back to Bitsy Bridal. Pam loves behind the scenes more. She can cross out modeling on the list of careers she can fall back on.. ha ha..

They told her to SMILE! 😀

We will be posting and updating here all the plus gowns we have in store and their designer price ranges. As the plus size bride herself, Pam feels that transparency and the fit is the first priority here.

Thank you so much for keeping us in business.

Bitsy Bridal

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