Designer Highlight: Hayley Paige

Hayley Paige: The Rising Star of Bridal

Hayley’s one of a kind designs put her above the rest!

Ah Miss Hayley Paige! The girl with it all! Two amazing bridal lines, a TV show, athleisure wear, her own app, and more!  Even though her popularity has skyrocketed since her debut and partnership with JLM it hasn’t affected the integrity of her designs. She continues to be an innovative and forward designer in the industry. We want to highlight on of our favorite gowns from her Blush line: Halo.

Hayley‘s designs are intricate and innovative.  With gowns like Halo, she uses various layers of tulle and horsehair trim to give volume and dimension. She also puts the layers on the outside of her skirts unlike most ballgowns that carry the volume underneath a patterned layer of fabric. Her ballgowns have a beautiful type of asymmetry that makes them stand apart from your standard ballgowns.

Hayley has also embraced the trend of dark under light.  By putting a darker nude or champagne color underneath a light ivory lace it catches the eye and makes the lace pop! She does this with lace and with her one-of-a-kind Marrakesh beading  in her Delta and West gowns. Kudos to Mary Jessica who took these stunning photos!

Hayley is one of a kind and her gowns are guaranteed to make you look and feel fabulous and trendy! We hope you have loved our Halo gown! If this isn’t isn’t your jam, check out our other designer highlight for some more inspiration! Call or book online to try on some from Hayley’s new 2018 collection! Check out some of our other awesome designers and stick around for some more ideas for your big and special day!

Later Babes!


Chocolate and Class!

A Period Wedding with Some Chocolate!

“All I need is love and chocolate.”

This wedding has me all sorts of ways! This bride really embraced the the classics, literally. With a 1936 Cadillac, fedoras, and a plethora of roses, you are really taken back in time! To top it off, it took place at Taste a local chocolate shop in Provo that does gourmet chocolate tastings and produces their own chocolate.

Not only is the theme of this wedding absolutely stunning, but the dress is a showstopper too! This gown is a gorgeous Tulle New York design made with an amazing natural silk that has a crisp texture and elegant feel. This mermaid style really flatters the figure and is a timeless shape to match the rest of the wedding. Ashley Hawkeye did a fabulous job of showcasing the crisp nature of the gown and the atmosphere!

Classy looks have been featured in our blog quite a bit, but there are so many ways to create a classy look all your own! The addition of chocolate and warmer tones has made this a unique take on a common theme. The gown also has a unique flare to it that helps it stand apart from other simple mermaid shaped gowns.

We love showcasing our wonderful brides and their fabulous weddings! If you can’t get enough class in your life check out our other post about modern classics. Don’t forget to stop back for more looks at creative weddings and gowns! Call or book online to try on gowns like this from our collection. While you’re at it, reward yourself with some good chocolate. You deserve it! 😉

Til next time!


Why Are Wedding Dresses So Expensive?

What Makes a Gown So Pricey?

What to know about what makes gowns expensive

A question I get from many brides and their mothers is “Why is this gown so expensive?”. Some brides are shocked when they find out that a gown with little to no detailing costs more than the gown with all of the tulle and beading in the world. Here is a breakdown of the 4 things that go into making an expensive gown. Hopefully, this can help decimate the confusion about gown prices.


As mentioned before, sometimes the detailing isn’t the most costly aspect of a gown, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t contribute to the overall price. There are many different types of lace, beading, appliques, and shimmer. All of them can vary in complexity and quality. If a dress, like Tara Keely‘s caviar beading,  has designer unique detailing it is is going to be more expensive than a beaded Ella Rosa gown which has a more slightly more generic beading. The same goes for lace and other detailing.

Style 2810  Tara Keely by Lazaro bridal gown - Ivory beaded floral and chevron modified A-line bridal gown, illusion V neckline, open back with dual crystal straps and chapel train.


One of the bigger factors that plays into the price of a gown is the fabric. Polyester tends to be a cheaper fabric than silk crepe or chiffon. So why isn’t everything made in polyester and other cheaper fabrics? The simplest answer is that different fabrics create very different looks and frame ones shape in different ways. For example, silk crepe by Mikaella is a natural fiber that hugs the body and drapes in a way that no other fabric does. The fabric is one of the first signs of quality and the quality of the gown helps to determine the price.


Something that not everyone considers when looking at a gown is the designing that goes into it. To create the shapes and fit of a gown a lot of time and effort must be put into designing it. More expensive gowns will have a more thought out design that showcases certain aspects of the body and the gown. This is very apparent in minimalist styles like those by Amsale. Every line and seam is purposefully placed to create the shape that you love. This talent of design is very valuable and truly makes the gown more than just a blob of fabric.

Ball Gown Wedding Dress with Open Back and V-Neck | Amsale
Slim crepe bridal gown with illusion bodice with sheer lace back and lace appliqued train from Nouvelle Amsale. Available in Ivory.


Last, and certainly not least, is the designer. Each designer has their own style and creativity that is very valuable. However, much like other areas of fashion the name behind the creativity is important too. Because designers like Lazaro and Hayley Paige have made such a big splash in the bridal world with their designs and innovation, they can charge more for their gowns. There is nothing more amazing than hearing that someone was able to purchase a gown from a popular and big name designer. The status of the designer is another factor that can lead to a gown being more expensive.

Style 3814  Lazaro bridal gown - Ivory silver checkered net bridal gown, sculpted V-neckline with crystal beaded strap, natural waist, A-line skirt with side pockets, chapel train.

Style 1802 Kona Blush by Hayley Paige bridal gown - Ivory draped chiffon A-line bridal gown, sweetheart neckline with beaded strap accent, draped cut out back detail, flowing chiffon skirt with slit.

Hopefully this can shed a bit of light on how gowns get so expensive. When it comes down to it, the quality of the gown determines the price. Its always a good idea to keep this in mind when planning your wedding and thinking about how you want to feel and look in your gown. If you want to check out our beautiful, high quality gowns, call or book online to come in and try out or collection. Don’t forget to check back for some more tips! While you wait for next time, check out our post on Alteration Terms for when you find the dress of your dreams!

Until then!



June: Dress of the Month

Summer is Here and so is Our Dress of the Month!

With the month of June comes a new shop favorite!

This month we are showcasing a gown from the fabulous designer Alyne by Rita Vinieris! This gown is perfect for the summer months! It’s figure flattering without being too heavy and it has the perfect amount of sleeve for an outdoor wedding.  The talented Lindsey Shaun did such a beautiful job capturing the details of this gown.

This dress comes in ivory as well as a beautiful deep nude color that really makes the overlying lace pop!  Both colors are truly stunning in their own ways! The ivory version of this gown is perfect for the summer because the the coloring isn’t to heavy or deep and it catches the bright summer sunshine beautifully!

This dress has a gentle mermaid fit with a moving waistline which creates an elegant flow throughout the gown while still hugging the figure in the most flattering ways. the lace detailing on this gown is also absolutely stunning! It has a very unique patterning that sets it apart from your standard lace and gives it a bit of an edge. If you are into gowns that are different from your everyday wedding gown check out our March: Dress of the Month.

This fabulous design is stunning for a summer wedding! If you love this look, call or book online to come and try this gown on in the nude or ivory! Need more ideas for your dream dress? Check out last months dress of the month for some more inspiration! Don’t forget to check back for some more gown showcases and helpful tips!

Later Ladies!





Alterations: How They Work and What to Know

Alterations for the Perfect Fit

Whether your still shopping or already have your gown, here are some tips and things to know!

For most brides, once you find the gown you can’t live without, you get your measurements taken and your stylist will help you select a size. This size is usually very close to your current measurements or the measurement you may be working towards. Unfortunately, even though the measurements are close, they aren’t perfect. To get the perfect fit you need alterations!

Brushfire Photography

In House Alterations

Here at Bitsy Bridal, we offer our in house alterations. This means that we have seamstresses that work with us to complete your gown.  When you are ready to start the alterations process for you Bitsy Bridal gown you will come back to the shop where your gown, the seamstress, and one of our stylists will meet you.

Most bridal shops like to start alterations 3 months from the wedding. In our shop we understand that timelines can be tight so we typically like to have at least 4 alteration appointments at least 10 days apart to make sure the gown is beautiful. We also have the option of rush alterations which can range from 4 appointments 7 days apart to 3 day alterations. Your stylist will work with your wedding date to make the perfect alteration schedule for you.

The first fitting is the first time you try on your gown. In this appointment the seamstress will see what needs to be done and talks about any special requests for the gown, like a modest buildup or extra sparkles. This is also a good time to bring in the shoes and undergarments you are going to be wearing so the seamstress can take them into consideration.

The second fitting is usually the scariest for brides. This is because the gown usually looks taken apart and not like the dream dress you remembered purchasing. This is a very important fitting because it gives the seamstress to make critical adjustments.

The third and fourth fittings, depending on the work that was done, are more finishing touch work and most brides will have their gowns by then.

Alterations Terms

Unless you have had something altered before you probably haven’t come in contact with some common terms associated in bridal alts. Here are a few you might hear!


Brides always wonder what will happen if they get a gown with a long train.  How does it stay up when your dancing and having a good time? To fix this, you get a bustle! These are little clips or strings that keep the gown from being stepped on and ruined. The seamstress will recommend what type of bustle will work best for your gown.

Taking in/Letting out

More often than not, the dress will come in a bit bigger than anticipated or maybe the bride lost weight. No need to fear! The seamstress will take in your gown to make it fit better. She finds the seams in the gowns and brings them in tighter to fit you better. Similarly, if the gown is fitting a bit smaller than expected then the seams can be let out a bit to be more comfortable.

Bust cups

Brides always wonder “What bra am I supposed to wear with this dress?” The answer is easy! You don’t! To make you more comfortable and avoid the appearance of straps and such the seamstress will put bra cups in your gown. These cups help to support your chest while still keeping the shape of the gown.


Most brides love to accentuate their figures. Boning is one way of doing this. Boning is a structure through the front portion of the gown that helps it maintain its shape, and give support and structure to both the bride and the dress. If a gown doesn’t have boning the seamstress can put some in for a better fit. Or, if the boning is unwanted, it can be removed.


Wedding gowns are sent to fit 5′ 8″ models. Most people aren’t that tall. So, to solve this, the bride can wear higher heels, or the seamstress can do a hem on the gown to make it shorter. Most people think a hem is simply chopping the bottom of the dress off. There are many ways to do a hem, and very few of those ways involve completely deleting the bottom part of the dress. The seamstress will help you with what type of hem will be beneficial for your dress.

Hopefully this gives you a good introduction to alterations and how they work! Check out some of our other helpful tips about wedding gowns like Waistlines, Colored Gowns, and Inclusive Sizes. Don’t forget to check back for our Dress of the Month.  While you wait, check out this month’s Dress of the Month. If you’re dazzled with our alterations, give us a call or book online! Hope to see you soon darlings!



Bridal Trends!

What is Popular in the Bridal World?

Will You Go Trendy or Traditional?

Recently, Fashion Week took place in the beautiful NYC and most of the Fall and Spring collections have been released! This means that all of the trendiest bridal looks are out there! Because we love all of these amazing trends we thought of showcasing some of our favorite designers who are masters of these trends!

Sareh Nouri

Sareh Nouri is always on trend in her own way! She has perfected the beauty of the blue dress as well as other colored gowns.

Image result for sareh nouri eliza

Image result for sareh nouri esme

Along with color, she has mastered the minimalism trend as well as bows!

Image result for sareh nouri peony

Image result for sareh nouri paulina

And her newest collection is springing with beautiful blossoms!

Wedding dress by [Sareh Nouri](

Wedding dress by [Sareh Nouri](

Hayley Paige

The ever chic Hayley Paige has taken up fabulous florals in her fabrics as well!

"Jardin" ivory sugar rose caviar ball gown featuring a spaghetti strap bodice with sweetheart neckline, and full caviar skirt with cashmere lining, [Blush by Hayley Paige](

She has also taken on the high and mighty neckline.

"Saige" ivory floral embroidered gown with sparkle underlay and cashmere lining, illusion jewel neckline and low open back, and full embroidered A-line skirt with pockets, [Blush by Hayley Paige](

Kelly Faetanini

Kelly is the new mistress of off the shoulder sleeves!



And she has embraced a bold color in bridal: Black!



This noir nightingale also alludes to the very high fashion statement of fringe for days!


Even the man of glitz and glam is following the trend of minimalism in his own way.

Wedding dress by [Lazaro](

He has also been playing with florals too!

Wedding dress by [Lazaro](

Wedding dress by [Lazaro](

All of our designers, even those not here, have been updating their lines and styles and we are excited to share some of their beautiful creations with you! If you enraptured with some of these amazing trends in the bridal world give us a call or book an appointment online to see if you will love being on trend or if you prefer a traditional look! Check back with us for some more info on what’s new in the bridal world and, while you wait, take a look at our recent post about Waistlines and our other post on Silhouettes to stir up some ideas about tres chic look on your special day!


Au Revoir Darlings!




Tropical Paradise!

A Tropical Wedding in Utah?

The Possibility for a Paradisaical Wedding!

Destination weddings are a dream come true! But what about when you need to be landlocked for the sake of your loved ones? No need to fear! There are plenty of ways you can have a tropical wedding without the plane tickets and sand stuck in your shoes.

This bride decided to bring the islands to Utah with her exotic taste in flowers and her beautiful gown. This gorgeous dress is by the wonderful and talented  Sareh Nouri. Her unique detailing and construction really make this gown stand apart from the crowd! She is one of our favorite exclusive designers! Check out some of her latest looks here! Not a fan? No problem! Take a look at some of our other wonderful exclusive designers to find the one that fits your style!

It may not seem like it but, the key to an amazing themed wedding of any kind is the accessories. For tropical themes, the tropical flowers are a MUST! Even if the sun isn’t shining the beauty of some tropical flowers will take you straight to a cloudless island! If you are curious what kind of accessories and accents you would need for a themed wedding check out our post about Industrial Elegance or Keeping it Classical for some more ideas!

This fabulous wedding took place at Sage and Thistle. They are so fantastic for helping you achieve your dream wedding! They even have full and partial planning services so you can get you whatever you need for your perfect and special day!

Most importantly, photographer Lindsay Kaye did an absolutely beautiful job with these photos and really captured the beauty of the flowers and the intricate detail of the gown! So, give us a call or book an appointment online to come find the gown of your tropical dreams! Don’t forget to check back for more style and theme highlights!

Until Next Time Darlings!


May: Dress of the Month

May your Wedding be Bright and Beautiful!

This romantic gown may just melt your heart!

This May we are showcasing an absolutely dazzling gown by Christos! This light and effervescent gown is the perfect dress to celebrate spring. The delicate tulle and lace perfectly capture the gentle beauty of spring.

Christos is a master of fabrics and design. Each of their gowns feel light as a feather and look amazing without being see through or baggy.  This is very surprising for a ball gown of this size that usually requires a lot of thick and heavy linings to get to just the right level of poof.

This gown is the epitome of romance with its delicate lace detailing through the front and the back. The photographer, Lauren Bledsoe, did such a beautiful job capturing this in these fabulous pictures!  Don’t be fooled by this gown! It may seem paper thin and easily damaged, but this gown can definitely hold its own and take a hit or two without looking completely ruined.

If you love this amazing delicacy of a gown give us a call or book an appointment online. We love showing off our fabulous designers like Christos! If this gown didn’t quite capture your fancy, check out our previous gown of the month. It may just peak your interest!  From sparkle and shine to lovely and lacy we have the gown of your dreams just waiting for you!

May your wedding plans bring you here!


Keeping it Classical

Some Things Never Go Out of Style

A Classical Look is Timeless

Trends come and go, and styles fade and change, but there are a few staples of fashion that will continue be a symbol of refinement and class. This beautiful wedding at the Capitol Building here in Salt Lake City with the talented Rachel Lauket really showcases this style.

This gorgeous Alyne by Rita Vinieris gown whispers classical in every way! The beautiful ivory satin with delicate and carefully placed jewels is not only absolutely stunning on this bride, but it is also a timeless statement as well. The elegant fit and flare cut flatters the brides figure and adds to the ageless approach.

Even with the jeweled details this gown is gown still has an air of simplicity about it. If you dream of a classic and simple look be sure to check out our last post about Industrial Elegance for a modern take on a simple style.

Elegance and class will stand the test of time. With pearl accents and dashes of red, this look, and this bride will still look amazing and gorgeous 50 years from now! If you love this classical, elegant and timeless look give us a call or book online! Be sure to check back for some more ideas for your wedding and gown! If you need a little help navigating the crazy world of bridal check out our posts about bridal colors and inclusive sizing.


Hope to see you soon lovelies!



Bridal Look: Waistlines

Which Waistline Works for You?

A brief guide to what waistlines are out there!

Waistlines are key in helping to create the shape you want, whether that be a ball gown, mermaid, or even a column gown. Experimenting with waistlines in your search can help you find what flatters you and makes you fall in love!

Your basic waistlines are empire, natural, corset, and dropped. All of which can be created in a defined/fitted or moving style. These beautiful Rebecca Schoneveld gowns are a beautiful example of this!



A defined waistline is just as it sounds: it is defined by a belt, a change in fabric, a seam, etc. A moving waist is the exact opposite, there is still a clear waist but it is defined by the dress’ cut rather than a defining element.


  • Falls right below the bust line along your ribcage
  • Elongates the body
  • Minimizes a small bust, draws attention to a large bust, flatters a medium sized bust
  • A dress with an empire waist will often (not always) hide your stomach and is sometimes popular for pregnant brides

This Amsale gown really showcases this cut in a modern and chic manner.

  • Slim crepe gown with wide straps and open back.


  • Falls at your actual waist: the indent between your hip bone and your ribcage
  • Flattering on most body types
  • Can hide hips and stomach without drawing too much attention to your bust
  • Most gowns will have a natural waist

This Tara Keely gown shows the popular and flattering natural cut!

Style 2810


This waistline is usually overlooked and lumped into a category with either natural or dropped. But it is very unique.

  • Hits very close to your hip bone
  • Can “cut” a shorter frame and make them look childlike
  • Wonderful if you have long legs and a short torso
  • Shows off a flat stomach
  • Often paired with a corset (lace up) back

This Elizabeth Cooper gown is a good example of the corset look!

E+E Photography


  • Hits below your hip bones
  • Shows off shapely waist and hips
  • Lengthens your torso
  • Generally found in ballgowns or fit-and-flare styles

Hayley Paige does a beautiful job showcasing this dropped-waist mermaid!

Style 1801 Fern

Never be afraid to try different waistlines! Who knows! You might run into something you never would have thought of before! Finding a gown in a process so have some fun and and try something new! If any of these gorgeous gowns and their designers caught you eye give us a call or schedule an appointment online to try on some different and flattering cuts! Check out our other helpful guides like inclusive sizes and bridal colors. Come back and check us out for more beneficial tips!


– Becca & Stacie