Chocolate and Class!

A Period Wedding with Some Chocolate!

“All I need is love and chocolate.”

This wedding has me all sorts of ways! This bride really embraced the the classics, literally. With a 1936 Cadillac, fedoras, and a plethora of roses, you are really taken back in time! To top it off, it took place at Taste a local chocolate shop in Provo that does gourmet chocolate tastings and produces their own chocolate.

Not only is the theme of this wedding absolutely stunning, but the dress is a showstopper too! This gown is a gorgeous Tulle New York design made with an amazing natural silk that has a crisp texture and elegant feel. This mermaid style really flatters the figure and is a timeless shape to match the rest of the wedding. Ashley Hawkeye did a fabulous job of showcasing the crisp nature of the gown and the atmosphere!

Classy looks have been featured in our blog quite a bit, but there are so many ways to create a classy look all your own! The addition of chocolate and warmer tones has made this a unique take on a common theme. The gown also has a unique flare to it that helps it stand apart from other simple mermaid shaped gowns.

We love showcasing our wonderful brides and their fabulous weddings! If you can’t get enough class in your life check out our other post about modern classics. Don’t forget to stop back for more looks at creative weddings and gowns! Call or book online to try on gowns like this from our collection. While you’re at it, reward yourself with some good chocolate. You deserve it! 😉

Til next time!


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